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Dr. Levine's Power Magnetic Posture Support 
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Dr. Levine's Power Magnetic Posture Support began as a researched way to bring relief to those with poor posture. With posture corrective magnets and braces, you can get rid of neck pain, back pain, hunchback, shoulder pain and many other ailments. Our support system is designed to align your shoulders, back, neck and spine with 12 magnets. Not only do our braces help you correct poor posture, but they also provide pain relief due to constant curving of the spine and bad support. 

In the past, braces and supports have not been made for pain relief and convenience. Dr. Levine's posture corrective brace is comfortable for both men and women of all different shapes and sizes. The waist is adjustable and fits invisibly under clothing. The magnets are strategically located to soothe pain in the shoulders, lumbar, neck and spine areas. We offer five sizes including small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. 

When looking for shoulders back posture support, people often find that the solutions are too complicated or expensive. This brace was designed to be a low cost and effective solution for all types of posture problems that cause a decrease in person's quality of life. Poor posture results in headaches, jaw paints, shoulder pains, reduced lung functions, gastrointestinal pains and other nuisances that make day to day life unbearable. 

Call today to talk about the latest magnetic back posture support systems available for you. We'll help you fix your back pain once and for all. 

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